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In the Beginning...
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Johnex Cobras

We produce four variants of the Cobra:

  1. 427
  2. AC Coupe
  3. 289 FIA
  4. Slabside

In the Beginning...

Johnex opened its doors over ten years ago, intending on honorably keeping the legendary Carroll Shelby Cobra Replicas alive.

After studying the marketplace for similar products produced by the existing Cobra Manufacturers, there was much disappointment, but also plenty of hope.

Rather than reproduce yet another Cobra using the traditional “ladder-style” chassis, Johnex sought the guidance of the most successful race-chassis design firm in North America to create the foundation for what was meant to be the “Ultimate Cobra” for both performance and safety.

Applying over 2 decades of chassis design experience, CSC Racing met the challenge head on, and showed the entire industry that “chassis design” had vastly improved in the 30 years since Carroll Shelby's cars were built.

Johnex insisted on chassis safety for every car produced, and there were no exceptions.

That same level of commitment was then applied throughout every component and product being used to compliment the name of the world-renown “Johnex Cobra”.

Simply stated... Johnex has been involved in the most current engineering and the finest components available today to build truly amazing “up-engineered” cars.

“We never did believe in compromise, our customers won't either.”
Anthony DeLazzari, CEO
Johnex3 Motorsports
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